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About us …

CITRAGE is a research and development laboratory specializing in food supplements and dietary foods for special medical purposes intended for seniors. Expert in nutritional sciences, Paris Descartes university provides CITRAGE its unique expertise to identify effective nutritional ingredients, demonstrating their safety and absorption by human body.



The story of a company created by researchers, under the leadership of the university.

Professor Luc CYNOBER and his team, at the faculty of pharmaceutical and biological science of Paris Descartes university, conducts research on amino acids and their metabolites and studies their impacts in different pathophysiological situations, especially during aging. For over 10 years, Dr. Christophe MOINARD has been interested in characterizing the potential of citrulline (L-citrulline) during aging. These studies have led to patent applications by the Paris Descartes university. Then the university suggested to the Pr. CYNOBER and Dr. MOINARD to create a start-up to exploit the patents and has connected them with the incubator Paris Biotech Santé. The incubator has selected the project. Thus was born CITRAGE with Dr. Cécile lOÏ for President. CITRAGE benefits from licensing of patents filed by Paris Descartes University on the use of L-citrulline.

A first product, MyoCIT was introduced on the market in June 2011. It is a dietary supplement for people over 50 years to maintain their muscle mass.
A second product, ProteoCIT was introduced on the market in December 2011. It is a dietary food for special medical purposes, for the dietary management of sarcopenia or malnutrition, especially among the frail elderly..

Offre valable uniquement pour les particuliers en France métropolitaine et sur tous les produits Citrage, à l'exception des produits de la gamme Dysphameal, du 24 au 27 novembre 2023 inclus, limitée à une commande par personne et non cumulable avec les points de fidélité.