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ProteoCIT for the dietary management of sarcopenia or malnutrition, especially among the frail elderly.

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The loss of quality of life and independence of older people is often the result of a decrease in muscle mass, strength and function characteristics of sarcopenia.

The management of sarcopenia should include adequate nutritional intake (especially protein) and physical activity. However, during aging, protein metabolism is altered. So it is essential to promote postprandial protein synthesis to limit muscle loss.

CITRAGE therefore developed ProteoCIT composed of 100% L-citrulline: an innovation in the management of sarcopenia.


ProteoCIT contains 100% of L-citrulline powder.

Each easy opening stick contains 5 g of powder.

Net weight: 105 g.


Directions of use

Recommendations for use :

1 stick per day for the prevention of muscle loss in people at risk of malnutrition and / or sarcopenia

2 sticks per day to build muscle mass in malnourished or sarcopenic patients

Ask your physician or pharmacist.

Instructions for use :
To consume during breakfast or lunch. Mix the contents of the stick to a puree, a milk, a cream dessert, compote … or dissolve it in a glass with a drink of your choice (tea, coffee, milk, juice, soup, …).



Do not exceed the recommended daily dose

Keep out of reach of children

Can not be the sole source of nourishment

Store at room temperature away from moisture

Product to be used under medical supervision


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