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Chromium and aging


Due to a decrease of the concentration of chromium in the blood with age (1), a Recommented Dietary Allowance (RDA) increase, to offset the lack (figure 1). Thus, this RDA are roughly 60 µg/day in young adults and attain 125 µg/day in the eldery. Yet, chromium consumption decreases,with age. A 70-year-old person take on average 40 µg/day of chromium (3).

That is why CITRAGE recommends supplementation chromium especially in people with diabetes, and systematically for anyone over 60 years. It is advised to consume 1-3 capsules per day, according to age and the need to regulate his glycemia. (See : What is the role of chromium?)

Figure 1 : Recommented Dietary Allowance (RDA) and chromium consumption in healthy adults


Reference :

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