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Citrulline is a non-protein amino acid, that is to say, it doesn’t enter into the composition of proteins. It was identified for the first time there are more than 70 years from watermelon Citrullus Vulgaris which it takes its name. Watermelon is the most importante natural source of citrulline known to date (0.7 to 3.6 g · kg-1 of pulp depending on the species and the degree of maturity1). It has been isolated but not quantified in other cucurbits such as cucumber, melon, pumpkin or squash. In most mammals, the small intestine is the main source of circulating citrulline. Our gut produces around 10 g of citrulline everyday.

Unlike other amino acids, citrulline isn’t retained by the intestine and liver: it is made ​​available to the entire body rapidly after ingestion and can act directly.

A group of researchers from the University Paris Descartes was interested in citrulline. Trough their research, the scientists from the University Paris Descartes showed in human :

– Citrulline is well tolerated2

– It has a very high bioavailability, that is to say 80% of the amount ingested quickly finds himself in the blood (40 min after ingestion)3

– It has a very good compliance

Thus was born the idea to develop two products made ​​exclusively with pharmaceutical quality citrulline : MyoCIT a food supplements and ProteoCIT a dietary food for special medical purposes.

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MyoCIT, dietary supplement formulated with L-citrulline helps to preserve muscle mass.
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