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Muscle loss

Aging is responsible for a slow muscle loss. Muscle tissue suffers a progressive degeneration of the order of 3 to 8% per decade since the age of 30. It results in a significant effect on muscle strength.

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Sarcopenia is a pathology defined as a high loss of muscle mass, strength and quality during aging. It is mainly due to an alteration in protein metabolism …

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Malnutrition is defined as a lack of energy or any other specific macro-or micronutrient intake by the needs of the body, resulting in a measurable change in function and / or body composition.

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Citrulline is a non-protein amino acid, that is to say, it doesn’t enter into the composition of proteins. Citrulline was identified for the first time there are more than 70 years from watermelon Citrullus Vulgaris which it takes its name.

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